Our services

Precision and versatility require high levels of methodological expertise from everyone involved in the process. Prototype and niche series manufacturing in particular rely on specialist knowledge and impeccable timing.

Low pressure sand casting

Our modern systems technology, combined with an intelligent system for transporting casting moulds, enables us to make even the most complex of components using both furan resin and permanent mould casting. The maximum component size is 1000 x 500 x 1500 mm. One advantage over other processes is that it is easier to achieve favourable material properties.

Gravity sand casting

We manufacture recurring quantities and niche series on a semi-automated block mould installation. We are able to make the largest components using hand moulding. In both procedures, the casting takes place on a specially configured roller conveyor system connected to a demoulding machine.

Heat treatment

In order to further improve the quality of our materials and products, we process raw parts using our own heat treatment (T5/T6) or our own specially developed processes. The component shape will sometimes require us to supplement the heat treatment with an expert straightening process.

Project management

Exceptional aluminium sand casting is only possible if humans and machines work together systematically in conjunction with an efficient production planning system. Today's production processes are highly complex, requiring integration of everything from customer requirements right through to component realisation.

Non-destructive materials testing

All of our raw parts undergo standardised internal x-ray inspections. We also fulfil customer specific guidelines from a product requirements specification. Individual components are marked to ensure they are traceable.

Mould Technology

We take your design data and develop a highly accurate mould technology to suit your production output. To achieve this, we draw on our extensive expertise and, where necessary, use the very latest simulation tools. Our established network partners implement the hardware, but we carry out adjustments in-house.

Core making

We use either shot cores in the cold box process or printed cores, depending on the complexity and size of the components.